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Your Brilliant Ideas

Like A Human

Hi there! I’m Marietta. I’m a personal brand strategist and LinkedIn expert specializing in public speaking, workshops, and copywriting for businesses—big and small.

Helping You Sell

Your Brilliant Ideas

Like A Human

Hi there! I’m Marietta. I’m a personal brand strategist and LinkedIn expert specializing in public speaking, workshops, and copywriting for businesses—big and small.

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The 4 Cs to Brand Clarity

There’s a science (okay⎯more like a strategy) to delivering the right message to the right people. Let’s look at the four elements to communicating a clear brand voice.

Be Clear

Your target audience wants to know how you can provide solutions for their challenges. Not making it crystal clear who you are and what you offer makes you invisible to your clients—even if you’re the better choice.

Let’s remove the guesswork about your expertise so you can show that you “get it” and can help. 

Be Credible

Confidence is a key component to establishing business credibility and building trust with your ideal clients. If you don’t establish your authority, you’ll struggle to show your ability to deliver results.   

Let’s remove any doubt that you’re an expert, so you can command top dollar for your services. 

Be Consistent

The more you actively engage with your target audience, the easier it is for them to know, like, and trust you. Winging it doesn’t give you the momentum you need to stand out as an expert. 

Let’s get you unstuck and implement a strategic action plan so you can attract your ideal clients and grow your business.

Be Carefree

Forcing a brand voice that doesn’t reflect who you does nothing for your creativity. Plus, your target audience won’t connect with your message (or care about what you have to say) if it comes across as forced or fake. 

Let’s embrace the real stories that make you relatable and human to your people.  

Kudos From Past Clients

Jenny Shih, Business Coach

Marietta brings her big heart and her spot-on copy brain to all she does. She understands how to connect with clients and bring out the best in their online businesses. I hired Marietta as a copywriting coach for my program, Make It Work Online, and the over-the-top feedback our clients gave her proves she was perfect for the job. I wanted the best coaches on the team, and Marietta delivered high-quality results that far exceeded my expectations…

Caroline Mays, Creative Copywriter & Bio Queen

I cringed every time LinkedIn notified me that someone was looking at my profile – I hadn’t fooled with it in years and didn’t know where to begin. Enter Marietta who swoops in, gives me everything I need to know, follows up with feedback and supports me with material to reference later. She knows what she’s doing, does not leave her people hanging, AND is a total delight to work with. She saved me so much time, people started engaging with me immediately, and now I have a LinkedIn game! Can’t recommend Marietta enough.

Shirley Yearwood, Health & Wellness Speaker

Marietta wrote a LinkedIn profile for me that made me look professional and told my story with great impact. In fact, during our time working together, I landed a feature of my business and story on  Marietta’s LinkedIn coaching was superb, and I’m more than happy with her work. She is very patient and a joy to work with. I highly recommend Marietta if you need help building your personal brand on LinkedIn!

Chef Carla Contreras, Cook & Chop

Marietta gets it! As a small business owner or personal brand, you are short on time and really don’t want to start “another social media platform,” But here is the thing with her smart tips and savvy guides and cheat sheets you can make meaningful connections in minimal time vs. the HOURS you may waste on other platforms. You can’t afford to NOT book a session with her now. Get the insider knowledge on how LinkedIn can have a big impact on your business with less time (and stress) of other platforms. 

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