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Hi, I’m Marietta. A writer and personal brand strategist dedicated to helping you build a brand that makes you worry less and live more.

Living a passionate life involves building a career that allows you to LIVE on your own terms (not the mediocre terms someone else sets for you).

Life isn’t always packaged in a perfect little box. But something tells me you don’t fit in one either. Seriously – why should anyone be put in a box?

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This Is Why I’m Not Sorry

Have you thought about how the words you use can impact your brand? No, I'm not talking about the four-letter words I refuse to give up. I'm talking about qualifying words that weaken your message or show a lack of confidence. In the Forbes article “6 Words You Need...

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Whose Path Are You Following?

A lot of us are information junkies (and I mean that in the most endearing and non-judgmental way). You name the article, we read it. You name the course, we took it. You name the influencer, we followed him or her. But the problem is this: With too much information...

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There’s No “You” in Team

The workplace is filled with diverse personalities, which is the reason why happy hour will never be extinct (well, that and the fact that nothing beats $3 drinks and 25 cent wings). But what happens when YOU are the person people don’t like? And they bond over...

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