Don’t Find Your Voice

Define Your Voice

Stand out from cookie-cutter brands, attract ideal clients, and spend the rest of your time enjoying the freedom you crave. Dare to be .

Stand out from cookie-cutter brands, attract ideal clients, and spend the rest of your time enjoying the freedom you crave. Dare to be .

Want a personal brand that oozes personality and attracts clients who are willing to pay what you’re worth?

You already know it starts with a compelling voice, which is why you want to find yours.

But here’s the thing: Your voice is not a long-lost love that ran away from you. Even better, you don’t have to go on an obscure journey to find it. (Thank goodness!)

Your voice is a flashing neon sign smacking you in the face—if the sign had hands—saying “Hey, pay attention! I’m right in front you.”

Your next client is trying to figure out if they know, like, and trust you. You can’t afford to come off as an amateur or imposter because I know you’re neither. You’re an expert who wants to work with your ideal clients who understand your unique value, get paid top-dollars for your services, and grow a business that creates freedom in your life.

Once you’re clear about your brand message, your voice becomes golden, ideal clients find you, the money flows, and the searching stops.

Stop playing peek-a-boo with your authentic voice.

Are you ready to stand out from cookie-cutter brands and attract ideal clients who will pay top-dollars? I can help you get the clarity you’re looking for. No more struggling to find your voice.

The 4 Cs to Brand Clarity

Be Clear

Your ideal clients want to know what makes you different from your competitors. Not communicating your unique value takes you out of the running, even if you’re the better choice.

Let’s remove the guesswork about your value and what makes your business unique.

Be Credible

Confidence is a key component to establishing business credibility. If you’re shy about promoting your achievements or don’t have a strong point of view, you’ll struggle to attract high-paying clients.

Let’s remove any doubt that you’re the real deal and command top-dollars. 

Be Consistent

The more you actively showcase your brand online, the easier it is for your target market to find you. Winging it doesn’t give you the momentum needed to show that you’re an expert in your industry.

Let’s get you unstuck and implement an action plan that attracts your ideal clients.  

Be Carefree

Being sincere goes a long way when it comes to making genuine connections. Trying to copy the next version of whoever is “hot” right now makes everything you do look forced and unnatural.

Let’s ditch imposter syndrome and embrace your REAL personality. 

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Kudos From Past Clients

Marietta executes her services with a high level of professionalism, all interactions from conference calls; coaching sessions. Marietta was very receptive to all my questions, delivered all material as scheduled and provided excellent coaching advice. ~Kim C. Patterson

Marietta is one of the best among all people I have ever met. It was a pleasure to work together with her on my personal brand. She is deadline-orientated, proactive and responsible with a great skill to analyze and summarize ideas. She helped consistently relay my brand as a dedicated professional who has a lot to offer. ~ Felecia Quarles

Marietta is a great writer, listener and takes the time to understand her clients’ needs and aspirations. Furthermore, through this experience, I’ve learned how valuable I am as a brand! If you are looking to revamp or rebrand your career, need direction and results, I would highly recommend Marietta’s service. – Shonta’ Singleton

I was so relieved at how easy-breezy it was working with Marietta. I cannot thank her enough for all her hard work and time. -Camille Clinton

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