Marietta Gentles Crawford

Writer. Personal Brand Strategist. Speaker.

Usually found in the pages of Business Insider, Forbes, Fast Company, Thrive Global, The Muse, etc…

Champion of business owners who prioritize a strong foundation over a ton of “followers” (who never buy).

Surprise surprise, as you’d expect – I, the writer, grew up with a love for words.

I was the long-limbed, nerdy kid with the word-of-the-day calendar and the stack of Cosmopolitan and Glamour magazines by the bed (very age-appropriate reading for a twelve-year-old).

I worked at the local newspaper in high school and then as a journalist through college (because of course I did.)

Then graduated with my B.A. in English (What did you expect, a B.A. in Mathematics?)

And, ultimately, my career developed into technical training and writing for fortune 500 companies like Macy’s, J.P. Morgan, and Pfizer for eleven years – yadda, yadda, yadda, you know the drill.

What’s interesting is, people think of writing as this lofty, creative, imagination-driven activity, but actually? Writing is also linear – you read from left to right.

It’s mechanical – that’s why you can’t just smoosh any two sentences together.

And it’s strategic…

Especially when you’re finding the right words to assemble your brand.
Especially when you’re using words to build a platform on LinkedIn.
Especially when you’re using words to engineer an article —AND especially when writing emails to make the right connections so you can get those articles published.

Strategy is a woman’s best friend (not cosmo). 


AUTHENTICITY, buzzword aside, is a business personality that’s as natural as your signature. (Not the knock-off version of bold, larger-than-life internet personalities.)


SELF-ACCEPTANCE is the confidence to create the presence you want. (Not feeling like you have to chase dreams that aren’t yours.)

Because you know what it looks like when you don’t have these qualities:

You’re yanked all over the map by self-proclaimed gurus, queens, and sorcerers promising you a seven-figure business if you go through their programs — when, in fact, there’s so much more to it than that.

You stress on whether to use abrasive, divisive, language – to drop or not to drop an F-bomb?

You focus on getting social media “likes,” having lots of followers, going viral (which becomes a contagious desire you catch).

You try the latest, loudest techniques and hacks in order to compete.

And that was never the intention when you went into business for yourself.

So you have two options…

You can go out there and spin your wheels if you want to.

And lose time doing what you think you’re supposed to be doing.

Or you can join me here at the nerdy misfit table where we make intelligent decisions, create our own lanes, and focus on ALL FORMS of strategy (and yes, authenticity and self-acceptance).

Let’s get to work and do the things that actually matter.


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