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What I Learned About Slowing Down From a Taxi Driver

If time was a credit card, could you say that you use your credit line on things that matter the most to you? When I think about this question, I can’t say that I always do. Factor in work, life, friends, family, (and maybe self), who has time to make time? Little did...

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This Is Why I’m Not Sorry

Have you thought about how the words you use can impact your brand? No, I'm not talking about the four-letter words I refuse to give up. I'm talking about qualifying words that weaken your message or show a lack of confidence. In the Forbes article “6 Words You Need...

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Whose Path Are You Following?

A lot of us are information junkies (and I mean that in the most endearing and non-judgmental way). You name the article, we read it. You name the course, we took it. You name the influencer, we followed him or her. But the problem is this: With too much information...

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How Focusing Helped Me Think Less And Do More

An undeniable pressure comes with the role of being a “doer.” There’s always something you’re working towards, but that something is never easy, is it?  You think and think about it until it nags at you: it lingers in your dreams, greets you when you wake up,...

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Does Your LinkedIn Profile Pass the Seven Second Rule?

You may already know it takes about seven seconds to make a good first impression, but are you considering this rule when it comes to your digital brand? LinkedIn is further putting this to the test with its new design. In case you haven’t noticed, LinkedIn has...

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There’s No “You” in Team

The workplace is filled with diverse personalities, which is the reason why happy hour will never be extinct (well, that and the fact that nothing beats $3 drinks and 25 cent wings). But what happens when YOU are the person people don’t like? And they bond over...

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About That Clean Slate

Ah, the beginning of a new year brings on a renewed desire for new starts. New habits. New jobs. New weight loss goals. New travel plans. Everything new. We even clean up the house to bring in the new year (almost like preparing for a visit from a nosey mother-in-law...

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