Claim to be an Expert? Here’s How to Back it Up

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There’s something about being a self-proclaimed “expert that can sometimes make people think of a used car salesperson.

Now, of course, you’re not pushing old metal, but the process of attracting business opportunities is, in fact, sales.

You’re selling your expertise and ideas with the intention of getting paid the money you deserve.

At the same time, if you’re an entrepreneur, consultant, or business leader in a competitive industry, your skills and ability to deliver results will be questioned. Period.

It’s not personal for those who may not trust you, yet. It’s just that when it comes to handing over their hard-earned money, people want to know they’re getting the real deal—and not a “lemon.”

So how do you show that you can be trusted?

Look beyond calling yourself an expert and focus on teaching people everything you know.

How to show up and stand out

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook are FLOODED with experts.

So how do you get your ideal audience to stop and devour your brand, relate to your ideas, and flock to you?

Ignore what your competitors are doing.

You have a unique voice. A voice that comes with experience, stories, and lessons that have changed your life—and will change someone else’s life.

Only YOU can share this knowledge.

Instead of trying to compete with the noise and reach everybody, narrow down your focus.

Talk about a specific topic to a specific group of people.

For example: instead of focusing on providing financial advice for “women who want to start there own businesses,” narrow it down even further to “women who are leaving corporate life and starting a new chapter working for themselves.”

You see the difference?

Dig as deep as you can and then write about the specific topic that gives you goosebumps every time your message gets into the hands of someone who needs it.

In every piece of content you put out, ask yourself this question: “Does my voice match my passion for this message and the people I want to reach?”

Walk the walk

Your message is like the wind beneath your wings because it should be aligned with your experience. When it comes to showing your expertise, you need to consistently communicate your value.

To walk the walk means that it’s in your blood to help the people you care about succeed. To go above and beyond to be of service. To develop a voice that is memorable and unmistakably yours.

Collectively, all these things build your personal brand and show that you’re an expert.

Are you showing your expertise online

Let’s look at some ways to make sure your experience passes the test:

  • Write and share articles that tackle common questions and concerns. (Engage with your target audience and learn more about their interests.)
  • Define a clear niche and promote the top skills that are coveted in your target market. (Keep your expertise focused on a singular topic.)
  • Let your clients and colleagues sing your praises. (This goes without saying, but remember to ask for testimonials after you complete projects— and post them on your website and LinkedIn profile.)
  • Create videos and workshops that spread your brilliant ideas. (Give your target audience a taste of the unique value you offer.)
  • Participate in targeted online business networking groups (Use your experience to help others and be known for your knowledge.)

Truth be told: If you really want to stand out as an expert, invest the time to build a reputation as someone who always delivers value and inspires action.

After all, you never know who’s watching.

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Marietta Gentles Crawford

Marietta Gentles Crawford is a writer, personal brand strategist, and author of "From Nine to Thrive: A Guide to Building Your Personal Brand and Elevating Your Career." With over 15 years' experience climbing through top corporate brands, she helps small businesses and freelancers communicate their brand message and stand out from the crowd.

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