Hey there! I’m Marietta Gentles Crawford (excuse the obligatory intro). I help small business owners and freelancers get more clients with writing + branding that is: .

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Hey there! I’m Marietta Gentles Crawford (excuse the obligatory intro). I help small business owners and freelancers get more clients with writing + personal branding that is: .

Does your personal branding suck (or is it non-existent)?
Is your authentic voice playing peek-a-boo with you?

Whether you’re looking to make more money in your business so that you can work less, attract dream clients who understand your value, or position yourself as a thought leader in your industry, a strong personal brand makes ALL of these things easier.

Here’s what I believe: You don’t have to search for your voice and hope it comes out to play. Your voice is not a long lost love you need to find. Your voice is like a flashing neon sign smacking you in the face  saying “Hey, look at me!”

You don’t have to be anyone but who you are today–and who you strive to be tomorrow. Once you define your brand, the searching stops, the money flows, and your clients will flock to you.

The 4 Cs to Brand Clarity


The biggest way to get lost in the crowd is to not have a clear message. People don’t have the time to figure you out.

Let’s take the guessing game out of you what makes you different from the others so that hiring you is a no-brainer.


You want to build trust  but talking about yourself, especially in third person, feels weird. Marietta doesn’t like talking about herself in third person even as an experienced writer. See, awkward?

Let’s write content that allows you to strut your stuff and still sound human.


There’s a reason why top business brands are particular when it comes to colors, style, even fonts: It makes them stand out.

Let’s define a cohesive brand voice and social media strategy that will make you unforgettable.


Sure, there’s a lot of people out there saying the same thing. But they are not you. When you’re confident about your brand, your message will attract the right people— and detract the rest.

Let’s remove the anxiety from putting yourself “out there.”

If you’re communicating mix messages about your business (or none at all), you won’t connect with your ideal clients or make more moolah. I can help you build a brand that’s crystal clear and write content that feels authentic. It’s time for your business to grow.

What Past Clients Have Said

Marietta executes her services with a high level of professionalism, all interactions from conference calls; coaching sessions. Marietta was very receptive to all my questions, delivered all material as scheduled and provided excellent coaching advice. ~Kim C. Patterson

Marietta is one of the best among all people I have ever met. It was a pleasure to work together with her on my personal brand. She is deadline-orientated, proactive and responsible with a great skill to analyze and summarize ideas. She helped consistently relay my brand as a dedicated professional who has a lot to offer. ~ Felecia Quarles

Marietta is a great writer, listener and takes the time to understand her clients’ needs and aspirations. Furthermore, through this experience, I’ve learned how valuable I am as a brand! If you are looking to revamp or rebrand your career, need direction and results, I would highly recommend Marietta’s service. – Shonta’ Singleton

I was so relieved at how easy-breezy it was working with Marietta. I cannot thank her enough for all her hard work and time. -Camille Clinton

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