Personal Branding For Linkedin

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Are You Ready To Go From Invisible to Memorable on LinkedIn—and Instantly Connect With Your Ideal Clients (Like a Human)?  

You know you have to be on LinkedIn, and you know you need
to figure it out.

You keep hearing all these people who are using it to get business. 

But here’s the thing:


It feels like an enormous sinkhole you don’t want to step foot near—formal, stuffy, and not a relevant social media platform.

Everything seems super structured and the profile photos look like adult versions of awkward high school yearbook pictures.

But you’re ashamed of your own LinkedIn profile because it sounds like you wrote it in the ’80s (okay, *maybe* it was about five years ago, but you haven’t looked at it since then). 

The thought of potential clients checking it out makes you cringe. (YIKES!)


Maybe you’ve shared content or “liked” other people’s posts.

Or perhaps you’ve commented on an article and tried to engage with people.

But you know what happens next? Not much—unless you count the
crickets hanging around your posts.

You’re curious enough to give LinkedIn a chance.
But you don’t have the extra time to learn everything on your own.

And you need to resurrect your LinkedIn profile.

And you need a compelling strategy that’ll open eyes (and wallets).

94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as part of their content strategy
(Content Marketing Institute)

According to LinkedIn Techology Marketing Community, one of the top three things that make content effective is engaging and compelling storytelling (57%)

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What if you knew exactly how to market your brand on LinkedIn? 


  • Your profile gives life to your story in a way that makes an impact beyond a bland rundown of your experience and services.
  • Your presence is compelling, and you share content that consistently reflects your brilliance and unique expertise—and the time you spend on LinkedIn doesn’t make you feel like a putz.
  • You’re genuinely engaging with your audience and feeling good about the REAL relationships you’re building.
  • Your inbox is filled with invitations from people who want to learn more about how you can help them. (And you’re comfortable reaching out to people—without feeling salesy.)
  • You’re growing your LinkedIn network with quality, like-minded connections⎯so you have access to new prospects, business collaborations, and speaking engagements.

Let’s End The Agony—And Level-Up
Your Personal Brand ON LinkedIn.

Hi, I’m Marietta Gentles Crawford—and Im a personal brand strategist and copywriter. My words and ideas have been featured in Forbes, The Muse, Fast Company, Inc., Thrive Global, and HuffPost, among other websites.

Ive been writing online for almost a decade and have worked within Fortune 500 companies for 15 years as a technical writer and trainer. 

I guide coaches, consultants, and service providers who want to build strong personal brands but struggle with getting in front of their ideal clients and standing out online. 

I help them focus on what makes them unique and tell their stories in a compelling way, so they feel confident about sharing their expertise and profiting from their knowledge. 

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As a result of working with me, you’ll…


  • Discover three key differentiating points that are unique to you that will help people identify you
    as their go-to expert in your field.
  • Get custom-crafted copy by a professional copywriter who will tell your story through the lens of
    those differentiating points.
  • Understand how to tell your brand story to strangers, so that they fall madly in love with you.
  • Know the EXACT steps to take to reach your audience on LinkedIn, without having to spend hours
    on the platform (because you don’t have that kind of time).
  • Experience a newfound appreciation for LinkedIn as you genuinely connect with your audience
    and take the relationships offline—turning prospects into paying clients.

Marietta wrote a LinkedIn profile for me that made me look professional and told my story with great impact. In fact, during our time working together, I landed a feature of my business and story on  Marietta’s LinkedIn coaching was superb, and I am more than happy with her work. She is very patient and a joy to work with. I highly recommend Marietta if you need help building your personal brand on LinkedIn!

Shirley Yearwood

Health and Wellness Coach & Speaker, Fit and Fabulous Over 65

Personal Branding for LinkedIn includes…  

Brand You Questionnaire

You’ll receive a no-fluff questionnaire that will get to the heart of your personality, business, and audience.

Your answers will uncover the three key differentiating points that make your clients swoon over your expertise like a chocolate lava cake fresh out the oven.  

LinkedIn Profile Development

Once your differentiating points are discovered, I’ll use proven copywriting techniques (no generic profile writer here) to craft your personally branded story through the lens of what makes you a standout resource in your industry.

Your LinkedIn profile makeover includes compelling SEO optimized content for the following sections:

  • Headline
  • About (formerly known as Summary)
  • Experience (up to 3 current and past)
  • Customized URL
  • Contact info

You’ll also get guidance on developing the following sections to make sure your LinkedIn profile reflects a current and consistent reflection of your personality and reputation.  

  • Profile picture
  • Background banner
  • Media content (e.g., external documents, photos, sites, videos, and presentations)
  • Education
  • Licenses & Certifications
  • Skills & Endorsements
  • Accomplishments
  • Interests

1:1 LinkedIn Strategy Sessions 

You, me, and two 45-minute sessions. We’ll put our heads together to review and tweak your approach so you can develop a killer LinkedIn strategy that’ll help you get results—WITH EASE! 

You’ll feel less intimidated, more confident, and 200% ready to dive infull throttleand attract high-caliber clients.

Expert Personal Branding Guidance 

You’ll get real-world advice about how to leverage LinkedIn from an expert who has built a memorable personal brand, attracts dream clients, and has been seen in top websites like Business InsiderForbes, The Muse, Fast Company, Inc., and Thrive Global.  

Investment: $1850
Timeline: 4-6 weeks

How to Get Started? 

Step 1: Get in Touch

Click the button below to get in touch and schedule a free consultation.   

Step 2: Schedule a Free Consultation

Once you get in touch, you’ll answer a few questions and then receive an email from me to schedule a consultation.  

Step #3: We'll Meet on Zoom (Video)

We’ll meet on a Zoom video call (audio only is fine too if easier, no pressure!) and talk about your LinkedIn objectives. I’ll answer any questions you have and go over the process in more detail. Then, if we’re a perfect fit to work together, you’ll receive everything you need to reserve a project date and let the fun begin! 

Jenny Shih, Business Coach

Marietta brings her big heart and her spot-on copy brain to all she does. She understands how to connect with clients and bring out the best in their online businesses. I hired Marietta as a copywriting coach for my program, Make It Work Online, and the over-the-top feedback our clients gave her proves she was perfect for the job. I wanted the best coaches on the team, and Marietta delivered high-quality results that far exceeded my expectations…

Caroline Mays, Creative Copywriter & Bio Queen

I cringed every time LinkedIn notified me that someone was looking at my profile – I hadn’t fooled with it in years and didn’t know where to begin. Enter Marietta who swoops in, gives me everything I need to know, follows up with feedback and supports me with material to reference later. She knows what she’s doing, does not leave her people hanging, AND is a total delight to work with. She saved me so much time, people started engaging with me immediately, and now I have a LinkedIn game! Can’t recommend Marietta enough.

Shirley Yearwood, Health & Wellness Speaker

Marietta wrote a LinkedIn profile for me that made me look professional and told my story with great impact. In fact, during our time working together, I landed a feature of my business and story on  Marietta’s LinkedIn coaching was superb, and I’m more than happy with her work. She is very patient and a joy to work with. I highly recommend Marietta if you need help building your personal brand on LinkedIn!

Chef Carla Contreras, Cook & Chop

Marietta gets it! As a small business owner or personal brand, you are short on time and really don’t want to start “another social media platform,” But here is the thing with her smart tips and savvy guides and cheat sheets you can make meaningful connections in minimal time vs. the HOURS you may waste on other platforms. You can’t afford to NOT book a session with her now. Get the insider knowledge on how LinkedIn can have a big impact on your business with less time (and stress) of other platforms. 

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