I’m torn between wanting to smack the inventor of the selfie stick in the face or to pat him on the back. Hate it or love it, it’s a great business idea.

Apparently, there was an unfulfilled need for people to better capture pictures of themselves doing random things like eating, exercising, and vacationing.

But it’s a stick for heaven’s sake.

Do people really need special equipment to perfect their multiple self-portraits for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?

I love having a “good day” like the next person, but aside from checking if my hair and makeup are okay or confirming remnants from my lunch are not greeting people when I talk, my selfies are usually not for public consumption.

To each its own, but the inundation of selfies on social media brings in to question whether or not people spend more time selectively showcasing themselves publicly than honestly facing themselves privately. (After all, no one posts selfies that are unflattering, right?)

Some may think that constantly showing confidence or happiness on social media is a part of personal branding, but that’s just the top layer. People will make their own assumptions regardless of how perfect you, or your life, looks “on screen”.

You can’t Photoshop the perfect version of yourself in real life. 

This is where self-examination comes into play. Merriam-Webster defines it as a “careful examination of your own behavior and beliefs to see whether they are good or bad.”

It’s not sexy.

It’s not a superficial snapshot, filtered or cropped to hide your flaws. It’s a process that takes time and may expose your weaknesses.

And the truth isn’t always pretty.

Do you really know what your personal brand represents?

What are you good at?

Where do you fall short?

What do people say about you when you’re not in the room?

Self-examination is not easy, but it’s the key to developing your personal brand and feeling secure about who you are. The answers to these questions represent the unaltered face that you show to your colleagues, managers, friends, and family daily.

At the end of the day, it comes down to taking the time to find out why people should care about what you say or do.

If you’re not getting a job after months of searching, maybe it’s not the job market. Maybe it’s something that you’re doing or not doing. If you’re not getting promoted, maybe there’s a reason why other than, “they just hate me”.

The key is to spend more time focusing on the inside than showing the outside. It’s the only way to reflect an authentic and confident brand.

 “Imagine if there were less selfies and more self-examination.” <Click to Tweet>

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Marietta Gentles Crawford

Writer + Personal Brand Strategist, Founder at MGC Ink
Marietta Gentles Crawford is a writer, personal brand strategist, and author of "From Nine to Thrive: A Guide to Building Your Personal Brand and Elevating Your Career." With over 15 years' experience climbing through top corporate brands, she helps small businesses and freelancers communicate their brand message and stand out from the crowd.
Marietta Gentles Crawford
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